Doddie Aid

Doddie Aid( is an exercise event running through January, until Feb 6th and the Calcutta Cup KO, in support of Doddie’s MN5D Foundation and MND research. So far we have 23,000 people taking part, 2 weeks into the challenge, and have raised over £500,000. 

The event is split into 5 geographical teams based on the old Scottish rugby Inter-District Championships, with eligibility rules exceedingly lax. Each team has a management group of weel kent faces pushing their cause, with Doddie himself manager of the South team. To take part you register with your chosen team, make a small donation to MN5DF and get a free team snood for your generosity, then log your exercise miles, be it walking, swimming, indoor rowing of skiing.

Tomorrow we are running “Sign a Friend Friday”. We want to turn £500K into £1m for MND, simply by asking everyone taking part in Doddie Aid to sign at least 1 more person up over Friday. We have been humbled by the support we have had, both from the great and good like Gerard Butler and Ewan McGregor, and by the grassroots rugby family, who have really embraced the event.

Any help increasing the coverage of the event would be most welcome. All the funds raised go to Doddie’s MN5D Foundation and research to find effective treatments for this currently incurable condition.

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