First pre-order window for bespoke Heriot’s Rugby Club kit for 2021 season to close on Sunday

Bespoke Heriot’s Rugby Club kit is available via the online shop to help supporters prepare for the return of rugby at Goldenacre.

The first pre-order window closes on Sunday, 23 May for made to order training and leisurewear items; including replica jerseys for Super6 and Blues Women, beanies, quarter zip jumpers, hoodies, training shirts and polo shirts.

Heriot’s Rugby Club Director of Projects Calum McNiven led the efforts to design the bespoke kit resulting from the partnership with Samurai that began in 2020.

Calum believes the bespoke kit, which will be followed by more training and leisurewear items later in the year, will help strengthen the brand of the club.

‘‘We want to be able to make available Heriot’s gear for our members and future supporters so they can feel even more part of the club wearing the logo, in this great Samurai kit,’’ he said.

‘‘We want to continue to grow Heriot’s Rugby Club, and make it an even bigger success.”

‘‘Our online shop allows us to broaden our brand footprint and gives us an opportunity to be introduced to new supporters either directly, through buying from the shop, or indirectly, from seeing our supporters in kit.’’

Like many Calum is looking forward to the return of rugby at Goldenacre and hopes to see a strong showing of the new bespoke kit, with a second pre-order window to be made available for supporters.

‘‘The shop generates an income stream for Heriot’s without necessarily as large an administrative burden as it might have been in the past,’’ he said.

‘‘Samurai have an excellent reputation in being a great partner for running these facilities with clubs and, while our Administration Manager Shona Whyte has put a lot working into getting the shop ready to go, we can now focus on other day to day things, while generating a small commission on the orders made.’’ 

As an owner of some of the new bespoke kit Calum has some advice for supporters who may be undecided on what to buy.

‘‘I am biased – I think it all looks great! The quarter zip tops are great for the constant Edinburgh wind, and have a good fit to them,’’ he said.

Click here to pre-order Heriot’s Rugby Club kit!

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