Hamish Keith More (1940 – 2022) – A Heriot’s Legend

We are saddened to hear the passing of Hamish Keith More on Sunday 2nd January 2022. Hamish was born 30th May 1940, educated at George Heriot’s School; a keen rugby and cricketer and so much more.

Hamish’s main successes came as a cricketer playing for Scotland from 1966 to 1976 as an opening batsman and wicket keeper, Somerset and MCC, receiving a special award from them as the most “capped” MCC player. He played against and at times with the likes of Viv Richards, Fred Truman, Brian Close, Garry Sobers and Ian Botham.

Iain Duckworth, President of Heriot’s Rugby Club recalls Hamish and his ability to wind people up that was legendary, both friend and foe alike and often during the same match.

“He was a talented no 10 with an educated boot but not noted for his love of the physical side.  So his winding up of Ron Glasgow, reckoned by the All Blacks to be the best flanker in the world, bordered on the suicidal. But then the two of them would be found sharing a beer and a laugh after the match which is one of the myriad stories about HK.”

He was hugely entertaining with an ability to recall data and facts stretching back decades and with no qualms about self-promotion or self-deprecation.

Colin Blaikie former FP and Scotland Full Back tells of a lunch with Hamish and Bob Burrell that lasted for 5 hours without repetition or hesitation, nearly costing Colin his job. And he could hold his own in such robust company as Geoff Boycott and Ian Botham.

Euan McIntyre says

“Hamish was a true legend in cricketing circles. Known throughout the cricket world with friends in virtually every cricketing country worldwide, his exuberant personality, his passionate love for the game, his love of camaraderie, while, at the same time, having the ability to be bombastic in his opinions – although always with a touch of exaggeration one might submit – made him the character he undoubtedly was.

I first knew HK when I was 16 years old in the school first XI and he would come to our midweek nets in his green Mini Minor and impart words of wisdom to we callow cricketing youths…but always with very good intent.

54 years have since elapsed and I, and many other Heriot cricketers can, and should, all remember in that period so much success in various league and cup competitions, won under his stewardship.

On the camaraderie side many of us enjoyed immensely the overseas tours we undertook with him. Hong Kong (twice), Barbados, Canada with the Capercailles, a mixture of Herioters and players of other clubs in Scotland. Space, or perhaps something else, doesn’t allow a run down on the magnificent fun we had…Hamish always at the forefront.

But we were never allowed to forget the importance of doing our utmost to win the game. Very important. Standards shouldn’t fall.

He was also a stalwart of the MCC playing over 350 matches. A memorable feat.

There is no need to list statistics. Runs, wicket keeping victims, matches played all into his 70’s. Quite remarkable.

He will be sadly, sadly missed.”

Hamish was a regular at Goldenacre, even following a heart procedure in 2021 and will be a huge loss.  

Our thoughts are with his partner Cathy, son Hamish and daughter Lesley and the rest of his family.

5 thoughts on “Hamish Keith More (1940 – 2022) – A Heriot’s Legend”

  1. Hamish was a great character and one of lives gems.
    Goldenacre will never be the same.
    We have lost a genuine Sports Star in his day .
    A rugby team mate of my Dad Jimmy in the 60s.
    I will deeply miss his company at Goldenacre and his stories mainly about himself.
    I recall last year at Goldenacre speaking to Hamish quote “I have been writing my obituary and did not realise how talented I was”
    RIP Hamish.

  2. Hamish was a hard taskmaster on the cricket field and highly entertaining but often bombastic off the field. Met him for the final time at Goldenacre in 2018 on a visit from Australia. His opening line “Gavin Kemp the worst cricketer I ever played with” and then went on to chat entertainingly with me about old times. That was Hamish. Vale HK.

  3. Really sad news that the self proclaimed ‘King of Scotland’ has played his final innings. One of life’s great characters and he leaves us with stories that will be long repeated, all based on a hint of truth and all of course with himself as the leading character. I played many seasons with Hamish as my captain, he was never short of encouraging words for youngsters at the time usually with ‘useless’ somewhere in the sentence yet somehow instilling the belief that you could actually play. I was also fortunate to go on 2 cricket tours with Hamish and got to see first hand the great man in operation including briefing the flight attendants early on of who he was and what his batting average was before the plane took off!

    I never saw him play rugby but he did tell me that at various stages in his rugby career he kept out of the 1st XI 5 of the 8 legendary Heriots full backs. Whether that was the case who knows but I do know that he is probably the only Herioter to have been sent off playing both rugby and cricket…..by his own captain!

    The fact he never mastered golf despite proclaiming that it was the ‘easiest sport in the world’ gave all who knew him immense satisfaction!

    Never a dull moment it is fair to say and he will be greatly missed around both the rugby and cricket clubs at Goldenacre. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

  4. I played inside centre to Hamish at stand off in numerous games of 2XV rugby in the mid to late 60’s. I could write a large book on HK’s observations of my poor positional play , handling and especially kicking . Irritating though that was it was surpassed by the occasion I was practicing hurdling at Goldenacre when HK’s mum was watching and I got another book full of tips on that particular event . It turned out Mrs More was an English International hurdler !!!
    Hamish you will be greatly missed .

  5. Hamish was a remarkable guy. He was one of the first people I met in a pub when I moved to Edinburgh in 1994. I remember it well. Ye Olde Inn at Davidsons Mains. It was Quiz Night and the place was quite busy – all tables full. I knew noone, but there was a guy standing at the Bar in the Lounge bit. I introduced myself and asked whether said person had stayed in Edinburgh for a while. There was a slight pause (presumably whilst he assessed whether I was taking the piss). “All my life” came the reply – “You obviously ARE new here if you’ve not heard of me – my name is Hamish More”. I replied that I was pleased to meet him and asked whether he fancied doing the Quiz. ” Waste of time”, he said, turning & pointing to the other side of the room. “The bastards in that group win every f*****g week. Anyway, I entered the Quiz. Hamish, having got another beer, stayed on and said that he would help. We ended up winning (from our position standing at the Bar), much to Hamish’s delight and the said table’s chagrin. It would be rude to mention further dialogue, but Hamish did manage a Churchillian V-sign in reverse to the deposed champions!!!! I didn’t meet him immediately after that, but I did run into him in town a few months later. Over the 28 years I knew him, particularly through our like of Kay’s Bar and his various trips to The Grange Club, that evening at Ye Olde Inn was often mentioned by Hamish. What a colourful and extraordinary character he was. I shall certainly miss his cutting and acerbic chit-chat, but my thoughts go especially to his family, and friends at Heriots, and far beyond.

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