Heriot’s Blues Women sponsor Golden Acre Foods donates to local care home

Heriot’s Blues Women sponsor Golden Acre Foods has donated £400 worth of produce to Murrayside Care Home.

Last week, the delivery of snacks and drinks arrived at the care facility where Heriot’s Blues Women player Jacqueline Kerr works as a Nurse Manager.

Golden Acre Foods began sponsoring the 2019 National League Division 1 Champions after the Heriot’s Blues Women team was established in October 2018. 

Organised by Golden Acre Foods Finance Director, Peter McMichael, the delivery included 650 bottles of strawberry, chocolate and vanillas protein shakes and over 400 packs of cookies, biscuits and energy bars.

‘‘I was very touched, to speak to Jacqueline and really understand how much our donation had meant not only to the staff but to the residents as well, in what are extremely stressful times,’’ Peter said.

‘‘We wanted to give the staff and residents something that was uplifting and pleasurable. The protein milk shakes and energy bars were the energy givers and the biscuits and cookies do go very nicely with a wee cup of tea. My favourite I have to say is the strawberry milkshake straight out of the fridge!’’

Murrayside Care Home Manager Fran Long and her team with donations from Golden Acre Foods.

Murrayside Care Home Manager, Fran Long, thanked Golden Acre Foods and Heriot’s Blues Women for organising the delivery.

‘‘The staff and residents loved all the large number of gifts especially the raspberry mini bites. Our residents really enjoy the protein drinks, especially the vanilla flavour,’’ she said.

‘‘We were so happy that Golden Acre Foods and Heriot’s Blues Women contributed these gifts to our home especially during the pandemic. The delivery made everyone’s week and we are so grateful to you all.

‘‘Hopefully, once lockdown has ended, we will be able to come and thank you in person and cheer on the team to victory.’’

Golden Acre Foods, sources and distributes food and drink from around the world, operating across 14 countries and supplying the major supermarkets, wholesalers and food services customers in the UK and Ireland.

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