Heriot’s Rugby 200 Club Lottery Prize Draw

Did you know Heriot’s Rugby run a monthly supporters lottery prize draw, the 200 Club?

For only £6 per month supporters can help generate income for the club while being in a draw to win. There is no limit to the number of £6 entries, increasing the chances of winning, with anyone over the age of 18 able to join.

The current cash prizes are £120, £80 and £40, however as the number playing increases so does the amounts won. Once the target of 200 players is reached the club will offer two prizes of £1,000 every six months.

The lucky winners for April 2020 were George Goddard, Stephen Acheson and Ian Smellie.

Here’s what some of our winners have said about the 200 Club.

“I had the lovely surprise of my name being drawn whilst attending a lunch at Goldenacre, which was fantastic although I think most of my winnings was then spent at the bar”.

“It’s a great fundraiser for the club. No hassle for the participant and with this one, unlike some others, I know my number is in the draw.”  

“I think the 200 club is a great way to help raise some funds for the club. Once the standing order is established you don’t really notice the money going out of your account each month and every now and then you can get a nice surprise.”

Sign up to the 200 Club, and find out how to set up a standing order payment here.

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