Heriot’s Rugby Club team up with BawBags to create ‘Nails’ design

A new BawBags briefs, boxers and snoods design has been created in collaboration with Heriot’s Rugby Club.

The ‘Nails’ design was initially launched in November 2020, just in time for supporters to purchase before Christmas.

Co-owner of BawBags, Allan ‘Midge’ Whyte, has been a supporter of the club since he was a student at George Heriot’s School.

‘‘I went to the school and played rugby but I was on the British Ski team so my rugby playing was restricted,’’ he said.

‘‘However, a lot of my friends went onto play at the club and I was involved in the social side very heavily.’’

BawBags generously donated a limited supply of snoods, briefs and boxers in the new ‘Nails’ design for the club to sell during a 2020 season heavily impacted by COVID-19.

‘‘I felt a ‘Nails’ design was something we could sell in our existing range to help the club out,’’ Midge said.

‘‘Heriot’s did a rugby tour to Bermuda in the 90s and in my involvement with the club I saw the pride players had in the hard as ‘Nails’ concept.

‘‘Going forwards we hope this product will give us the confidence to do a totally Heriot’s branded product.’’

Established in 2007, BawBags has gained a strong following of customers drawn to the bold underwear designs the brand produces while fundraising for charity.

‘‘My business partner and I were discussing different products to make and thought about the ‘low-slung jeans with pants showing’ look and decided Bawbags was a great brand name,’’ he said.

‘‘As a brand we are heavily connected with rugby and many other sports, as it gives the brand credibility and enables us to give back in different ways.

‘‘It’s great to be involved with athletes in these troubling times when a sense of community helps bind us together.’’

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