Know Your Nails: Blues Women scrum half Ellie-Louise Wilson

How did you come to play rugby at Heriot’s?
‘‘I had spent a season playing in Canada and came back not long after the club had formed. I’d been watching the development of the team closely on social media and knew there was only one team I planned on joining when I got back to Scotland. I went along to a session at Heriot’s Blues Women and haven’t looked back since.’’

What do you enjoy about being a Heriot’s player?
‘‘The team spirit is my favourite part about Heriot’s. Coming down to Goldenacre on a Friday or Saturday (or sometimes both) to watch the guys play then getting to pull on the shirt on a Sunday with the girls is just a great feeling. It’s such a community feeling right from our age grade sides to the old boys that are always supporting us. The facilities we have stand above any I have played at before. The women’s team always have such a good laugh and I love the way we push each other to get better.’’

When did you start playing rugby and why?
‘‘I started rugby around the same time I left school. I used to play team handball at a high level but was drawn to rugby. It took a while for me to understand all the rules as I don’t come from a rugby family and hadn’t watched much of it before but once I started playing, I got hooked and have been playing for nearly six years now. Rugby has given me something no other sport has and I’ve no intention of stopping any time soon (or ever).’’

What is your favourite rugby memory?
‘‘I have so many good memories tied up with rugby through playing, travelling and socials. One of my favourites has to be scoring my first try against Wales when I played for the Scotland U19 7s team. I hadn’t been playing very long when I was selected for the team so to score a try in extra time to win us the match was really special for me. My most recent favourite has to be winning the league with the Heriot’s women and lifting the trophy alongside my co-captain Megan. That moment out all of the hard work the team has put in over the season into perspective and made me so proud to be part of the team.’’

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