Outgoing Heriot’s Rugby Club President Colin ‘Mel’ McCallum reflects on two years in top job

After completing a two-year term as President of Heriot’s Rugby Club Colin ‘Mel’ McCallum is pleased to have held the top job as the Club continues to develop into a professional business.

Iain Duckworth was voted as the next President at the Heriot’s Rugby Club Annual General Meeting held online on 27 August.

Mel will continue alongside his successor as Vice President, a role he first held in 2016 when first appointed to the Club Board.

‘‘I thoroughly have enjoyed my time as President which has allowed me much greater involvement in all aspects of the club. I was initially reluctant because it is such an enormous commitment,’’ he said. 

“What has made it so enjoyable has been the interaction and support of quality people both on the Board and paid employees.”

A George Heriot’s School alumni, Mel has been involved in the club for many years, including as Secretary and as a member of a junior selection committee and house committee leading up to the 90s when he also last played rugby.

‘‘I played with my eldest boy in 1999 just for a laugh but had to come off at half time because I was knackered,’’ he recalled.

Mel described the formation of the Marketing Forum to better the Club’s business development and the organisation reviews which led to creating new roles at the club, including Tony Delaney as Operations Director, as a ‘‘constant and dedicated resource’’ for the club.

‘‘Getting the club onto a more professional platform is the Board’s biggest achievement. It very much has been a team effort.  Jon Turnbull as President did so much to improve relations with key partners and really formed the platform for the Club moving forward in this direction over the past six years,’’ he said.

Other noticeable changes at the North Edinburgh club since Mel stepped into the role in August 2018, include getting Super6 underway and the successful integration of the Blues Women squad that now call Goldenacre home.

Mel was a part of the task force that developed the Heriot’s Rugby Super6 proposal and presentation, a year before becoming President, that successfully brought the five-year semi-professional franchise to Goldenacre.

‘‘Heriot’s has always strived to be at the top of Scottish Rugby and we want to stay in the fold. I think the Super6 has galvanised the club,’’ he said.

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  1. Well done, Mel.

    A truly great shift!

    It seems only yesterday that you used to arrive from home in Bangholm Terrace, changed ready for action with boots strung round your neck on the laces, still wearing your tartan baffies.


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