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Heriot’s Rugby Club are now seeking new and returning Player Sponsors for the upcoming 2024/25 season which begins in August.

Heriot’s Rugby Club has a long and celebrated history within Scottish Rugby and continues to thrive as we adapt to the post Super Series world.

We are fortunate to have a large number of great players and are hoping to field strong teams at Premiership, 2nd XV and 2AXV levels, with a focus on developing each player to reach their potential and get the most from the club and the game of rugby.

In order to do this, we aim to provide players with high quality coaching and access to facilities and resources that give them this opportunity.

Millie Capaldi, sponsored by Knight Frank 2023/24

Graham Wilson, sponsored by Howard Dental 2023/24

By becoming a player sponsor, you and your business not only benefit from the promotional aspect through match day, website and social media, but you also have the opportunity to develop a strong, branded relationship with the player and play a key part in their development and enjoyment of the game at Heriot’s Rugby Club and beyond.

Whether you have a connection to the club or are a new supporter, this is a great chance to join the Heriot’s Rugby Club community and be part of our continuing journey.

– Gav Stevenson,

Heriot’s Rugby Club President

If interested in sponsoring a Heriot’s Rugby Player please contact:

07598 580 557



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