Rugby a way of life for the McWilliam family

Rugby is a way of life for Heriot’s Rugby Club parents Carl and Kirsty McWilliam who began the first RugbyTots franchise a decade ago.

For the first time in months outdoor classes for Rugbytots in Scotland were held over the weekend. Carl, Rugbytots Scotland Managing Director and Head of Coaching, described lock down as a difficult time.

‘‘During the lock down, we started live Rugbytots classes, from our backyard, to keep in contact with our customers and try to keep the children engaged. We received some amazing messages from our parents over the past four months which has helped keep us motivated to get back to proper classes,’’ he said.

The couple began the Rugbytots Edinburgh franchise in 2009 after wanting a better work life balance for their young family. Previously, Carl has worked as a draughtsman at an architectural practice and Kirsty as an accountant for PWC.

‘‘Over time we built up our Edinburgh Rugbytots franchise and eventually we were offered the chance to be the master franchise for Scotland. As well as running Rugbytots classes, we also set up and help the other Rugbytots franchises in Scotland,’’ Carl said.

‘‘I love seeing the children laugh and have a good time. It is very rewarding to see the children’s skills develop and to know that maybe I have played a part in that.’’

The couple have two children who currently play for Heriot’s Rugby Club, while Carl helps with the coaching for the North Edinburgh Vikings, and Kirsty is involved with the clubhouse and fundraising.

‘‘Heriot’s for us has been a real family club where everyone mucks in to the benefit of the children and club. Our children and ourselves have made really good friends whom we continue to socialise with on a regular basis,’’ Carl said.

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