Know Your Nails: Blues Women standoff Annabel Sergeant

How did you come to play rugby at Heriot’s?

When I moved back from New Zealand in 2018, I had intended on joining a club I had played for the last time I lived in Scotland in 2012, Murrayfield Wanderers but a few of the girls updated me that they had started playing at Heriot’s so I went down to training and the vibe was good straight away

What do you enjoy about being a Heriot’s player?

There is a great welcoming feeling both from the girls but from the other teams and staff at the club. It’s definitely a one club feeling which I love.

When did you start playing rugby and why?

I started playing rugby when I was 17 when I was at university. (I’m 31 now). A girl stopped me in the street and asked if I fancied giving it a go. I had always wanted to play but it wasn’t available at school (back in the day). I have loved it ever since.

What is your favourite rugby memory?

I have hundreds of amazing rugby memories both on and off the field. These are not just rugby memories but life memories!
A favourite memory would involve being dressed in fancy at a 7s tournament, hanging out with the best kind of people, rugby players!

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