Andrew Kelly, Head Coach, announces his Heriot’s Rugby team to face Ayrshire Bulls at Millbrae on 30/4/22

The FOSROC Super6 Sprint Series is underway, Heriot’s Rugby have their third game of the Sprint away, at Millbrae on Saturday 30th April 2022. Today Andrew Kelly, Head Coach, has announced his team to face Ayrshire Bulls. Tickets available or you can watch live on BBC iPlayer.

TEAM: Heriot’s Rugby
DATE OF MATCH: 30/4/2022
VENUE: Millbrae
OPPOSITION: Ayrshire Bulls

FOSROC Super6 Sprint Series



Ross Jones (Vice Captain)
Sponsored by The Cruickshank Family

  1 Chris Keen
Sponsored by ALBIE
 14 Sam Pecqueur  2 Michael Liness
Sponsored by O’Connors Bar
 13 Nyle Godsmark   3

Euan McLaren


Cammy Hutchison


Ruairidh Leishman (Captain)
Sponsored by King’s Wark Bar & Restaurant

11 Freddie Owsley   5

Jamie Campbell

10 Bruce Houston
Sponsored by The Cruickshank Family
  6 Jack Mann
Sponsored by Heritable Ltd
  9 Jed Gelderbloom 7 Iain Wilson
Sponsored by Millican Associates
      8 Jason Hill
Sponsored by The Cruickshank Family

Duncan Hood

 20 Ronan Seydak
Sponsored by Charlotte Square Partners
 17 Josh Scott  21

Murdo McAndrew
Sponsored by Thomas Edward Consulting


Struan Cessford

 22 Bobby Kay
 19 Fraser Hastie
Sponsored by ALBIE 
  23 James Couper
Sponsored by Keegan & Pennykidd

Heriot’s Rugby are sponsored by:

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