Blues 2nd XV to play GHA in Tennent’s National Reserve League Final

What an exciting season Blues 2nd XV have had, not only have they won the Tennent’s East Reserve League Division 1, but they won their Semi-Final against Stirling County and are now set to face the unbeaten GHA 2nd XV in the Final at Goldenacre on Saturday 9th April 2022.

The regular season ended a couple of week’s ago with Blues 2nd XV being crowned the winners. In a bid to return to more competitive rugby, the SRU introduced an East v West Semi-Final and Final. This means that the players not only get more games under their belt, but they also get the chance to play some senior competitive rugby akin to the Cup days.

Speaking about the team, Bob McKillop, Head Coach said, “I am incredibly proud of this 2nd XV team who set out their season to win the league and not only have they managed to do that, but they have also made the final.” He goes on to say, “The consistency of players has been fantastic, this is a pretty young team, with only 22 of the 70 strong squad being able to go forward for this final.”

The final will take place at Goldenacre, so Heriot’s Blues will have the home advantage. The pitches are perfect and the whole club are looking forward to this. Stewart Mustard, Captain of Blues 2nd XV has been playing for Heriot’s since his school days, as a Former Pupil of George Heriot’s school. To have such a strong influence on his team, and to overcome his recent injury to continually perform on the field, he must be commended.

Speaking about the League, Stewart said “This is such a great time to be a Heriot’s Blues player, the coaching and management set up at all levels within the club is the best it has been. The club is attracting lots of young players, some of the fresh talent we have attracted is because of the coaching and the fact that we are consistently winning our games.”

Talking specifically about his Captaincy, Stewart said “I am extremely proud of my team, the young exciting talent coming through the ranks are helping to bolster the team, whilst the older players, with more experience, are helping these fresher players to find their confidence to play good rugby at a senior level. Something we have noticed some of the other teams don’t yet have.”

As a club, Heriot’s is excited to see this new development in the Reserve leagues, Blues 2s can engage in more competitive rugby. Regionalising the leagues was the right thing to do but having the East v West playoffs are a great way to show the younger players some challenging games (akin to cup games in the past). It also means the teams were able to play some tougher opposition, with the likes of Stirling County and GHA.

Tennent’s National Reserve League Final
Heriot’s Blues Men 2nd XV v GHA 2nd XV
Saturday 9th April 2022
KO 3pm

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