Heriot’s Blues Men 2nd XV team against Edinburgh Accies 2nd XV announced

Heriot’s Blues 2nd team against Edinburgh Accies, Saturday 23rd October 2021.

TEAM: Heriot’s Blues Men 2nd XV
DATE OF MATCH: 23/10/2021
VENUE: Goldenacre
OPPOSITION: Edinburgh Accies 2nd XV

Tennent’s East Reserve League Division 1



Charlie Dineen

  1 Simon O’Callaghan
  14 Louis Kesson   2 Finn Gunn
  13 Gregor Fraser   3 John Lascelles
  12 Dom Martin   4 Hugh Morris
  11 John Rae
sponsored by Alex Brewster & Sons
  5 William Brown
  10 Paul Christie   6 Blair Kilpatrick
  9 Jack Hall   7 Caolan Moloney
      8 Patrick Mullins
  16 Stuart Edwards   19 Ewan Adamson
  17 Hasib Mohammed   20 Luca Bayne
  18 Callum Elliot    21 Jamie Macmillan
       22 Daniel Adam

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