Phil Smith, Head Coach, announces his Heriot’s Blues Men 1st team playing away to Stirling County RFC

Heriot’s Blues 1st Men’s Head Coach, Phil Smith, has announced his team against Stirling County RFC tomorrow, Saturday 2nd October 2021.

TEAM: Heriot’s Blues Men 1st XV
DATE OF MATCH: 2/10/2021
VENUE: Bridgehaugh
OPPOSITION: Stirling County RFC

Tennent’s Scottish Premiership National League Division 1 



Charlie Simpson
Sponsored by Duckworth/Horner

  1 Simon O’Callaghan
  14 Duncan Purves
Sponsored by ALBIE
  2 Rory Jackson
  13 Oisin Quinn   3 Ross Hutchison
  12 John Semple   4 Callum Bell
  11 Craig Robertson   5 Max Oliver
  10 Dom Martin   6 Leo Gordon
  9 Graham Wilson   7 Nick Sutherland
Sponsored by ALBIE
      8 Ali Johnston
  16 Archie Bogle
Sponsored by Jack & Caroline Cruikshank 
  19 Zack Smith
Sponsored by ALBIE
  17 Blair Kilpatrick   20 Peter Burns
  18 Jamie Munro      

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