TEAM NEWS: Heriot’s Super6 vs. Watsonians

Phil Smith’s Comments on Selection & the Match

All change, only Iain Wilson, Stuart Edwards, Robert Kay and Rory McMichael get the opportunity to back up last week’s fantastic performance and result. The first 3 teams were picked a few weeks ago and the players alerted, so thankfully no stressful conversation with Cameron Hutchison was had.

In short, another opportunity for another group of players to express themselves. There is a lot of excitement around the club, last week’s performance has helped, but it was already high due to us welcoming our local rivals in our first home Super6 match. The lunch is a sellout, the junior section have changed their training times to be able to support and ticket sales are going well. It looks as if Ferg and Nikki have really got their group going with an outstanding victory down in Melrose last weekend. With the pack looking particularly tasty it looks like whoever wins the forward battle will give their exciting looking back divisions a chance to shine. It should be a cracker!!!

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