Charity Team formed as Heriot’s Rugby Club seeks third sector partnership

A new Charity Team has been formed to take the lead on developing charitable partnerships for Heriot’s Rugby Club.

The initiative is the brainchild of Vice President Mel McCallum, focusing on the playing group at Heriot’s Rugby Club driving a long-term partnership with a local charity.

Volunteers for the group were encouraged to come forward in late-2020 with the first meetings of the Charity Team taking place in the New Year.

Operations Director Tony Delaney is also involved in the Charity Team, and will be on hand to provide guidance and project management experience to the group.

The projects and events, planned and delivered by the Charity Team will also be supported by the new Players Committee, which was established in October last year.

Currently, the Charity Team is meeting with a number of local charities that have been identified for a potential partnership with the club.

‘‘Being part of the Charity Team is a great opportunity for our players to gain organisational and management experience or just become more involved with the club,’’ Mel said.

‘‘I was pleased that we had 10 players from the different teams at Goldenacre volunteer for the initiative.

‘‘While there is no rugby at Goldenacre we can positively focus more of our attention into our involvement with the local community.’’

Caption: Vice President Mel McCallum with Heriot’s Rugby Super6 player Jack McClean after winning again Ayr at Goldencare in 2019. Photo credit: Ian Jacobs.

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