Heriot’s Blues Women player Megan Gaffney ready for match against Italy

The Women’s Six Nations Championship continues this weekend with Heriot’s Blues Women’s player Megan Gaffney selected in the number 11 jersey for Scotland.

After a first round defeat to England, before a bye in the second round, the Scotland team will play Italy in the third round at Scotstoun Stadium at 5pm on Saturday.

The winger is expecting a tough game.

‘‘Italy is a strong team and has some really great results over the last few seasons but we are so excited for this game,’’ Megan said.

‘‘We have learnt a lot from playing England but we have refocused on the game ahead.’’

Megan believes playing at Scotstoun Stadium will give the home side an advantage.

‘‘I absolutely love playing at Scotstoun and we’ve put in some really great performances on that pitch, most recently against France last October,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s familiar and comfortable and the Scottish Rugby match day team do such a great job that there is absolutely no stress, and we can focus fully on putting in a performance.’’

Playing a second championship under COVID-19 restrictions without fans, Megan is grateful that she can play rugby.

‘‘I know this is a privilege not many people have at the moment so I feel lucky to have any opportunity to train and to play,’’ she said.

‘‘Obviously, it would have been great to play all five teams but I think in the current climate we have to be realistic with what is possible, especially with four of the six teams involved being amateur.

‘‘Not going to lie though, as a winger it is nice to play in the warmer weather!’’

As fans prepare to continue watching the championship the Heriot’s Blues Women are also gearing up for another weekend of their Women’s Six Nations fantasy competition.

Megan was asked to weigh in on who she might advise her teammates to choose for round three.

‘‘I’m not sure if I could pick a whole team but a player to watch is definitely Parsons, the Irish winger,’’ she said.

‘‘She has been putting in some outstanding performances and is so exciting to watch and she’s only 19!’’

Photo credit: Scottish Rugby and SNS Group

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