Heriot’s Rugby coach motivating clients to stay strong over winter

Keeping clients and athletes motivated at training during the dark and cold months ahead is the current focus for Heriot’s Rugby Super6 Strength and Conditioning Coach Jordan Welsh.

Despite the challenges Covid-19 has presented since March, Jordan has used this time to work on his personal training (PT) business, Jordan Welsh Strength and Conditioning.

The business has undergone a rebrand; it now offers online programming and a well-equipped garage gym for one-to-one training with clients.

‘‘During the winter months, keeping motivated is very difficult and with the dark mornings and nights having a motivated coach to help you achieve your goals and stay healthy is vitally important,’’ he said.

‘‘An equipped indoor space with a relaxed environment is critical for winter months with the weather changing all the time and additionally, those who are new to training have a safe and comfortable environment to complete good work.’’

Jordan describes himself as an ‘‘approachable coach’’ who has built a philosophy around motivating clients to train with purpose in order to achieve their goals.

‘‘Don’t let yourself fall into a trap of thinking because it’s cold and dark that it’s harder to get out of bed or force yourself to do any exercise,’’ he said.

‘‘Completing any form of exercise and continuing your routine from lockdown or the summer months will leave you in a good place both physically and mentally. Even after a stressful day, jumping into the gym or going for a long walk will benefit you.’’

Before the current restrictions impacted on rugby training, Jordan believes the Heriot’s Rugby Super6 squad were at their fittest, achieving personal bests during running tests.

‘‘Now the focus is to maintain what they have and keep on top of their running. We will save time when returning to training and we can concentrate on rugby specific drills and conditioning,’’ he said.

‘‘In terms of our gym programming, this time is being used to build muscle mass. Now the players have more time, we are expecting them to complete these programs and make increases in their strength.’’

As well as keeping the semi-professional team at Goldenacre fit during a postponed season, Jordan works with youth athletes at Fettes College.

‘‘My mornings are with PT clients then in the early afternoon until early evening I am at Fettes College working with the pupils both on and off the pitch with their strength and conditioning, then two nights a week I am with the Super6 squad,’’ he said.

‘‘The restrictions have also meant that a lot of my gym-based work at Fettes College has been outdoors. This has meant thinking outside the box; but on the other hand has let me lead on speed sessions for consecutive weeks with more than 20 pupils, which can be very rare for a strength and conditioning coach.’’

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