Heriot’s Rugby Super6 players coach next generation at Goldenacre

Gloomy weather couldn’t wipe the smiles from the faces of junior rugby players coached by Heriot’s Rugby Super6 players on Sunday.

This was the first collaborative training session between the semi-professional players at Goldenacre and the Heriot’s Hammers junior section.

The day was organised by Super6 Head Coach Andrew Kelly and Director of Junior Rugby Gavin Stevenson with further training collaborations planned for the future.

The guest coaches from the Super6 squad were tasked by Andrew to develop sessions for the age groups from P1 through to P7.

The training session allowed the best players from Heriot’s Rugby Club to help develop the next generation and encourage greater integration between the junior and senior sections, according to Andrew.

‘‘Our Super6 players were fantastic with the junior players, they passed on their knowledge and the junior players got a lot out of the visit,’’ he said.

‘‘We are committed to building on our relationship with the Heriot’s Hammers junior section and North Edinburgh Vikings youth squad to strengthen our vibrant rugby community.

‘‘The Heriot’s Hammers are run by a great group of people and it was a pleasure seeing them all.’’

The Super6 players involved received positive feedback from Heriot’s Hammers parents and volunteers, including from P6 Head Coach Peter Lawson.

‘‘It was impeccably planned, all our three Super6 coaches had experience coaching this group before, which was great for continuity and familiarity,’’ he wrote.

‘‘All the regular coaches were hugely impressed and you could see the acceleration of the development of the skills of the players through the excellent coaching. Not a peep from any of the players about the tricky weather conditions, they didn’t want the session to end.

‘‘It was a huge success for the club, and a very welcome relief from all that is going on. Well done and please pass on massive thanks from all the P6 players, parents and coaches.’’

The Heriot’s Hammers junior section caters for boys and girls from the age groups of P1 and P7 with training is held at Goldenacre on Sunday from 1.30pm to 3pm.

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