Investec Senior Investment Director Gordon Lawrie shares fond Goldenacre memories

From being part of a premiership winning team to coaching junior players on Sunday, Investec Senior Investment Director Gordon Lawrie, has been part of Heriot’s Rugby Club for almost 30 years. 

Investec is the main sponsor of Heriot’s Rugby Club, a relationship that first began in 2015.

Gordon believes that businesses like Investec supporting local community sport clubs like Heriot’s Rugby Club are mutually beneficial partnerships.

‘‘Business and sport are intrinsically linked through values such as hard work and team work,’’ he said.

‘‘The financial support allows clubs to ensure that players young and old get the best environment and coaching available, while the business gets to participate in the club environment and create new relationships that are crucial to future success.’’ 

Gordon began playing for Heriot’s Rugby Club in 1992. It was the beginning of 11 seasons in the back line for the club that included battling relegation and winning the Premiership twice.

‘‘My fondest memories of my playing years were from the mid to late 90s when we played some incredible attacking rugby and I was surrounded by some amazing players, many of whom became internationalists and even one British and Irish Lion,’’ he said.

After retiring from playing he coached the Heriot’s 2nd XV and 3rd XV squads before the arrival of his children.

When Gordon returned to Goldenacre it was as a coach of several age groups for the Heriot’s Hammers for eight years.

‘‘Maybe it’s in the blood as like me they followed their father and by the time my eldest son was in P2 I found myself once again back at Goldie coaching mini rugby this time,’’ he said.

‘‘Watching them learn and develop, work as a team and create new friendships is very rewarding. Rugby is a sport that teaches resilience and helps kids understand the enjoyment and rewards that can be gained from hard work.’’ 

Now on the weekend, you will find Gordon coaching the S1 and S3 age groups from the North Edinburgh Vikings, a joint development youth squad with Stewart’s Melville RFC, which he became involved with three years ago.

‘‘These players have developed at different rates over the years and now find themselves at relative par with each other,’’ he said.

‘‘It is easy to see the improvement in confidence and self-worth that many of these players have gained.’’

Caption: Gordon currently coaches the S1 and S3 age groups for the North Edinburgh Vikings.

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  1. A legend on the pitch (so he tells me) and a fantastic youth coach (which I have witnessed over recent years), Gordon continues to serve Heriots Rugby Club after many, many, many years and is a hugely valued member of the Heriots Rugby community. The players he coaches benefit from his playing experience as well as his very strong team ethics and his love for the game. I’m very grateful to Gordon for his continued commitment to youth rugby development at Heriots Rugby Club.

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